Small gestures.

Everything i’ve posted this month was written beforehand. I knew i wouldn’t have much time to do it and also, i wouldn’t be too inclined to do it. It is especially tough on me to write happy shit during Christmas, not because i don’t love it, i do very much, but it will forever be a time where the past will come knocking. Hard. Since then, i can’t bear December because as soon as it arrives, all that comes back too. And i am too weak of a person to be able to carry through unscathed. But this year, i kind of let myself be inspired by others and went with the flow.

But i did write.

I wrote a small piece about being generous, about giving something, anything, to someone else. And i finished it with the words: “even the smallest of gestures can have the biggest of impacts”. I was feeling righteous because i had just done that, giving something to someone that was in need. And i was hoping that by stating it on a post, somehow, possibly, someone would be inspired to do the same. Like the Universe would pick my post apart and just filter that bit and send it through to whomever it might encounter.

However, i did not expect it to come back to me. Again. I’ve got this work-friend that has the most insane ideas but he pussies out each time. Well, not this time. He was coming up with idea after idea just to let it be known that we don’t fuck around concerning pranks but it all sounded a bit too meh. I came up with the idea of, not only let people know that, but also bring a little bit of color to their grey environment. And so we did.

It was a very simple, albeit balsy thing to do. But the laughs and cheers it got was worth it. People should laugh more and more. Especially during this period. It was satisfying to see all those people caught off guard and just genuinely being surprised by an act of spontaneous foolery. I live for such moments and i pity those that lack the sense of humor to enjoy it.

A small gesture can indeed have a big impact. I believe in it. Hopefully, more people will too because otherwise i might need to look for another job! But hey, it was funny shit!

Happy Christmas !

Santiago Roque

Author: santiago roque

I can predict the future. If given the right topic. Often confusing, i am mostly me on emotional steroids.

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