One week to go.

There is exactly one week to go till Christmas Eve and i’ve bought absolutely zero presents. I had this plan all lined up for this weekend but it seems it flew right by me! How the … ? I need to get my shit together.

Friday i had this dinner with my colleagues and i was thinking that i wasn’t going to get my booze on because i had to wake up early the next day. I got sort of an introspective buzz, a very light drunk state. I didn’t get my booze on and i did get up early the next day to drive 2 and 1/2 hours to get to a place where i immediately got drunk-ish and bought a shameful amount of wine for an even more shameful amount of money. The gist of it all is, i have plenty of wine at home already and i really, really didn’t need it. Still, on the way back, i’m thinking that sunday will be more productive. Not really because i didn’t do shit to improve anything. 

Although, if i am being honest, i may have discovered i have a fetish concerning Christmas socks. Well, people wearing Christmas socks. Or maybe just specific people wearing  Christmas socks. Or just that one person wearing Christmas socks. But i digress.

I have no Christmas present list. I should do one. I want to, really but then i don’t. I start thinking about presents, what to get to this or that person but then i forget about it. I should starting writing things down, my memory fails me more and more nowadays. But i did get this one e-mail detailing preferences for Christmas gifts from my wife. That helps. We communicate through e-mail. She sends, i send. My preferences were only books which set her off a little bit but meh. She is used to it by now.

I must be productive this week concerning Christmas presents. Either that or just assume i won’t be getting anyone any presents this year. That would be more profitable money-wise but less rewarding personally. So, i need to get my shit together and just do it. I can’t go back to last minute Christmas shopping. It takes a toll on me. I just can’t. But, i was write this, i am taking mental notes and i am getting to the conclusion that this week is gonna be rough too. I have the following this week:

  • Monday night: Free (but can’t really go shopping on Mondays)
  • Tuesday night: work thing + club commitments (YAY!)
  • Wednesday night: Christmas dinner w/ friends
  • Thursday night: Free as i read this, i get notified of a doc’s appointment at 20:00
  • Friday night: Christmas dinner w/ bro 

Man, i need someone to plan my weeks. 

I will prevail eventually. I must. Christmas present shopping will be done. One way or another. 

Oh, how do i love Christmas rush!

Santiago Roque

Author: santiago roque

I can predict the future. If given the right topic. Often confusing, i am mostly me on emotional steroids.

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