Christmas Reading.


Have you ever read Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol”? I have. On multiple occasions. In fact, it might be the oldest book i own, i think i bought it maybe 17, 18 years ago and i used to read it every year. It’s a great story. It encapsulates what the feeling should be. Being mean towards those that have less than you do! Well, I joke.

Actually, Dickens was influenced by the poor conditions given to children that laboured in some places that he visited. Actually, his sister-in-law wrote that:

(Dickens) intended to open its readers’ hearts towards those struggling to survive on the lower rungs of the economic ladder and to encourage practical benevolence, but also to warn of the terrible danger to society created by the toleration of widespread ignorance and actual want among the poor“.

Which is like, the best reason to write a book about a selfish old bastard that, instead of spreading the love (AKA money),  becomes self-absorbed and recluse. Of course, karma strikes. And the magic of the book begins. It is amazing. I read it year after year, always like it was my first time. I love it.

I actually don’t own the book anymore. I gave it to a special someone as a token of appreciation for what they had taught me. So i no longer own this specific book. I might buy a different edition but i was too attached to that one. Can’t think of a better book during Christmas. It became part of me during the holidays.

It was just one of my Christmas traditions. Some got lost along the way as my Christmas adulation levels dropped. But i’m on my way to old me, Christmas-wise.

The story always resonated with me. Ever since i was a small boy, Christmas has been this magical thing. You probably read how serious Christmas presents were to me (no shame, i had a decease!) and with time it became less and less important. They call it getting mature but i’m probably still childish throughout the year and become semi-responsible during Christmas. So, the opposite of a normal person. But who gives a fuck cares, right?

I care about people, generally speaking. But i guess that during this period, i get more sensitive towards their needs. I think i am supposed to. And Dickens, with his writing, year after year, created this hopefulness in me that i can only feel during this time of year. The book is not my favorite of all time, that’s reserved for another classic but it is the one that takes me back, the one that helps me overcome any sadness during this period.

Get one, read it. Enjoy it fully as i have done many years. Who knows, it may change you as well.

His own heart laughed: and that was quite enough for him.” – C. Dickens

Santiago Roque

Author: santiago roque

I can predict the future. If given the right topic. Often confusing, i am mostly me on emotional steroids.

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