White Christmas.

There is one thing i miss about Christmas that i don’t get to have here: snow. It just doesn’t snow where i live. Either you get to have snow or live by the beach. That’s how it works around here. So, that white Christmas feeling that sets the mood? Yeah, we don’t have that around here. But i used to.

The first snowy Christmas i had, i was blown away. This is what i was missing all those years, a white Christmas. Now, the song made sense:

“I’m dreaming of a white Christmas
With every Christmas card I write
May your days be merry and bright
And may all your Christmases be white”

Once you go white, its pure delight!

It is true. Once you get to experience a white Christmas, everything else doesn’t quite cut it for you. I’m not a big fan of snow, i’ll be honest. But come Christmas time, fuck yeah, i like me some snow. And i don’t get to have that anymore. I try to explain this to people but unless you’ve been through it, you don’t get it. It’s like make-up for your surroundings. Like, the streets get more charming and the semi-stripped trees get cozier and you get to watch everything get more and more christmas-y when it snows. Unless it snows in January, then it is just depressing. Only accepted during Christmas time, though. It’s like Christmas decorations, great during the holidays but once January comes, it’s just depressing to look at. You just have to time it well. December snow storm? Sure, why not. January whiteness? Nah, don’t think so. 

But where i live now, that’s not even a concern. It just doesn’t snow. Period. You want windy, chilly, rainy? Yeah, we got that. But not snowy. And i miss that. It isn’t something crucial to make my Christmas any better but it would make it more special.

I once fell and almost broke in half because of the snow and ice. It gets slippery as fuck. That’s something that people don’t really expect when it snows. You walk down a block and you get to see at least 2 people going down. Guaranteed! Swooosh and down they go. Oh, white Christmas anyone? Yeah? You going down, though. I think it is a fair trade. A fall here and there now and then seems a reasonable price to pay if you get to feel extra christmas-y during this period. 

So, just putting it out there for anyone interested: snow is acceptable as a Christmas gift. Don’t ask me how, that’s on you. But i sure miss me some snow during the holidays.

Santiago Roque





Author: santiago roque

I can predict the future. If given the right topic. Often confusing, i am mostly me on emotional steroids.

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