Sorry for the inconvenience.


You never know how lucky it is to sleep a full night till you can’t sleep for days! I’ve had a few rough days because of severe lack of sleep. Maybe not severe, but close-ish. But yesterday, finally, i was able to sleep a full night. I’ve been told i become irritable, too cranky. Well, maybe, just maybe, not sleeping doesn’t fucking help, dear wife of mine! It is all fun and games till you can’t have some shut-eye.

I stayed awake just thinking about random shit. I wrote a fucking book in my mind. Well, not really but you get the point. I guess i slept about maybe 6/7 hours in the last few days. And it is true, i do became easily irritated by my surroundings. I need to focus a lot more just to be the minimally enjoyable to be around. I get this tendency to pick fights, just to make things interesting. And spend money! Yeah, that is a thing. Not sure if it is related to sleep deprivation but fuck, i’ve spend more money this last week than i did the last 6 months! And i haven’t got my computer back. So yeah, i am cranky.

The worst part of not sleeping is everyone else sleeping. So picture this: i am awake or not sleeping but i get to endure my dog snoring. It seems like it does it on purpose, i swear! So i just lay there, just thinking. I become philosophical, the stupid type. Like, who invented dinosaurs sounds? What genius came up with the idea of toast? Bread sure is fine but lets burn it. When bald people wash their face, how far up do they go? And you get epiphanies too like, you never stop clapping once you begin, the intervals just get longer. Well, this last one is a joke i heard. This too, comes to mind when you can’t fall asleep. I start recalling jokes i heard.

You also begin to think about life. That is never good, i guess. It’s weird but i get this clarity about certain memories. Things that i’ve forgotten. The last time i spoke with this or that person. I recall the entire conversation. It is strange. Or my top 5 cringiest moments on loop. You know, that one time that you thought you were being this cool guy and shit and the girl was just making fun of you? Yeah, ON LOOP! Ego deflating in 5,4,3…

I’m starting to resent my wife for sleeping. That’s how bad it’s getting. I told her the other day that i hadn’t slept well. She goes “me too!”. What the fuck?! Woman, we must have different ways to assess sleep deprivation because you’ve slept the whole fucking night! How do i know? Because i didn’t! That is how i know.

The nerve of some people.

Santiago Roque

Author: santiago roque

I can predict the future. If given the right topic. Often confusing, i am mostly me on emotional steroids.

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