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I’m depressed. Maybe i just feel depressed, i don’t know. My computer had an electronic aneurysm and it broke down on me. My phone is dying so that helps too. My favorite wearable right now is my charger. It’s like an antibiotic, every four hours, there is dose of charging on the way. I was going to buy a new one but then my computer gave up on me so i need to prioritize.

I’m feeling a bit sad also because i secretly started to write a book. Or was trying to. I don’t know how that works but i had this idea and i started to write something that looked like an ending. So i was kind of working backwards. It was starting to look like something worth writing but now i lost it. Granted, i am no tech wiz but i think that i can’t get any of it back. I might pull it again but it doesn’t flow like that. So yeah, i am bit less me because of that.

My wife says that i should fix it instead of buying a new one. Solid advice but if it’s broken once, it’s broken forever. (not really but i’m in need of change). The real problem, though, is time. I’m impatient, so waiting for someone to fix it requires effort on my behalf. Effort that i don’t really want to dispense. Buying a new one, albeit more expensive in comparison, allows me to bypass that. So you see the dilemma i find myself in. I’m wasting reasonably good brain cells on this when i should be thinking about more pressing matters. Like, how do you hang a christmas tree from the ceiling? I genuinely am interested in that.


How cool would that be? My wife coming home and finding the tree upside down. I should film that. She already thinks i’m not all up there, so that might be the confirmation for her. I should do it. I’ll keep that in mind.

I have my monthly date with a professional health carer. The last time we wore the same shirt. I did not feel amused by it. While i wait, i usually read a book and he asks me about it. I saw online that i could buy mock-up book covers with titles like ” How to murder without getting caught” or ” Why doctors are full of shit”. I forgot to order it. I was going to fuck with him but alas, another month must go before i get to do it. Unless he tells me i’m fine and i’m never to step inside that office again. In that case, Doc is safe from my idiocy.

Besides the whole computer/phone ordeal, i was having a nice week. But now, i’ll have to meet my Doc and tell him i’m down because of a broken computer/phone. Which he might imply that i am too materialistic. I’ll call his bullshit because i’m not. Really not. But i do get attached to things. Which makes me wonder if my dog is aware of this. He keeps attacking my things. This week he got some of my books, a sofa, a tequilla bottle (!!!). But on the flip side, he turned on my sound system and a very relaxing music was on when i found out about it. So, i got mad while being soothed by this chill out music. So there’s that.

Heads up to whom it may concern. This may be my only post till i work out my computer problem. But don’t give up on me, there is still a lot that you don’t know.


I’m off.


Santiago Roque









Author: santiago roque

I can predict the future. If given the right topic. Often confusing, i am mostly me on emotional steroids.

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