Hot stuff.


I was trying to remember who it was that told my wife the other day that they had seen me walk my dog. This part is not interesting though. The interesting part is that they said “Saw your husband walking the dog, he’s looking hot! Like very hot”. So let’s break this down for a minute:

  1. was i not hot before?
  2. does walking the dog make me hotter?
  3. was it even me?
  4. why not say it to me?

1. I might be biased here but i’ve always thought of myself as hot. Even when someone told me the opposite. “Fuck you, lady, you’re wrong and i’m hot.” So there is that. This “he’s looking hot” part is a bit depreciating. If this person knows me, i should be high on her hot list. Like top 3. So acknowledging only now my hotness makes me a little bit angry. So fuck you, anonymous backhand compliment-giver person.

2. Yes, sure. Depending where i’m at, it is a safe bet that this dog attracts more people. So yes, maybe walking my dog makes me hotter. Especially in the morning when i leave with my hoodie on, music blasting on my earphones, no glasses or contacts so i look at everyone with this mysterious look ’cause i don’t see shit. Maybe yeah, the dog makes look hotter. From a hobo point a view.

3. I’m hoping for a positive answer here. Although, now that i think about it, my dog is very famous around these parts. The other day i went to pick up my contacts and the guy there knew my dog. I don’t know but maybe some other guy walks my dog too. A hotter guy. I need to dig more on this. I’d hate to feel hotter because of some other guy.

4. Am i becoming this hot piece of ass that seems inaccessible to people? I mean, i do feel like i’m superior in many ways to a lot of people. So maybe yes, i am becoming inaccessible. Is this how hot women feel? Am i been objectified? Sure hope so. Why would you not compliment someone on their looks? “Hey, hello there. Nice dog. How’s the wife? Btw, saw you from behind, nice ass!” This should be a thing.

I don’t who was it but i don’t think it was anyone to take seriously because my inner reaction was “meh”. But still, apparently im getting hotter. Dog or no dog, i’ll take it. I like compliments. I compliment easily, i should get them in return as well. Even if it’s not the case. I don’t mind.

So, if by any chance, you see me walk the dog or just chillin’ by myself, feel free to approach and mention how hot i look. No shame, i’ve heard it before.

You’re cool with me.

Santiago Roque.

Author: santiago roque

I can predict the future. If given the right topic. Often confusing, i am mostly me on emotional steroids.

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