Cold, rainy days.

I used to love rain and cold days. I still do but i have to endure it on my way to or returning from work. Which, by itself, already sucks. It is way better when you don’t have responsibilities. You can just stay home, cozy and whatnot and feel the sound of rain hitting the window. Just doing nothing. I hate to drive in the rain because drivers get more stupid as precipitation happens. It’s a fucking disgrace.

I once had a girl making me a powerpoint presentation with my likes and dislikes. How weird is that? A powerpoint! She gave me the cd data like a gift of some sorts. I said ok, sure. I didn’t expect anything of it. I was totally surprised when i got home and put that thing on. So, i’m no powerpoint expert. I admit that. But fuck, that shit looked amateur at best! At first i was weirded out by it but then, i mean, if you’re going the distance, i might as well enjoy it. It was different. I should have known some was up because she kept asking me things that people normally don’t really care. But she learned my likes and dislikes. Kudos to her for having a great memory.

The powerpoint thing itself is already weird. But when this happened, i was already dating my wife. Yeah, sure, it was the very beginning and we can’t presume anything but i wasn’t really in a spot to have this type of relationship. I may be one to blame as i’ve been told that i tend to flirt with people. Maybe so. I don’t know. I socialize. Can’t really tell if the feedback is innocent or not. I don’t mind when people flirt with me. I don’t take it too seriously so i feel the same if i indeed do it. But anyway, this girl gives me this thing. After the shock of getting a powerpoint of your likes and dislikes is over, you see how sweet they were in doing it. You appreciate it. Creepy but sweet. But this girl was a very good friend. We just weren’t compatible at the time.

I think about her sometimes. She eventually married someone who pretty much hates me so we don’t get to see each other much or at all. There is the occasional text, twice a year, but besides that, nothing is left from that friendship. They also moved away for a few years which helped lose contact. She came back eventually but we no longer are comfortable with each other. It is just weird when we talk. I miss the old her in the same way that she misses old me. She gave me a call that didn’t end well. It wasn’t a good time for me then and i didn’t take it the right way. People tend to be clueless concerning tragedies and she wasn’t an exception. I should have been more mature about it. But what is done is done. That chapter is closed, however.

I just thought about her the other day. For no particular reason. Her name just came up and i started to reminisce about the past. We had great fun working together. We used to party together too. So that was fun. I think i kind of miss her, that’s all. I suppose that this awful powerpoint presentation has forever burned her name in my subconscious whenever the weather turns cold and rainy. A fucking powerpoint presentation. How about that?

Santiago Roque

Author: santiago roque

I can predict the future. If given the right topic. Often confusing, i am mostly me on emotional steroids.

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