So I bought a tree.

I know, October isn’t gone yet but i already bought a christmas tree. That’s right. And not just a christmas tree. I bought the “Olive Oil” of christmas trees. Why? ‘Cause i’m married, that’s why. And we have a dog, too. That combination resulted in me buying a tree that looks malnourished. Yeah…

it’s like a pencil with twigs.

But fuck it. It is done. Now, i have a mission to accomplish. We never took last christmas tree down, we just moved it to an area where no one usually goes. So, now i’ll have to remove all the decorations on that one and put it on this new one. But before i do it, i guess, comes the arguing of when to decorate the new tree. For me, after November, 1st it’s on. We should be able to go all out with decorations because christmas is too damn short. So we start now, we get rid of the December rush of “shit to do, no time to do it” and all is well. But again, im married. So i can only guess what comes next. I’ll tell you what doesn’t come next, my decision! That’s a given.

I also bought another christmas tree at a friends requested. A normal looking christmas tree. I tried to get her on the phone but work was terrible so we agreed that, since i was close by, i would leave it by her car and the security guys would keep it for her. So i did. Good thing i was there at that specific time. For no special reason i mean, but it made my day a little bit less poor. I smiled and wished that 2 minutes could turn into 2 hours. But somethings are not meant to happen. Even so, im always there when needed. Even if you don’t know it.

Anyway, i went to the movies and came out disappointed with the balance of things. It just isn’t fair. At all. I mean, is it really fair for the rest of us, men, when somewhere on this earth, the Universe allowed for things to come together to create a fucking Bradley Cooper ?! DAMN IT ! Shit, the guy is like a perfect combination of all good things aesthetically. Not only that, he now directs movies and fucking sings good songs and plays the guitar too?! Fuck off, genetic lottery. I am truly disappointed. I am. I can’t even, you know, just…

The only good thing about going to the movies is that on my way out i saw a bunch of ugly dudes and it made me feel better right away. So that helped.

My wife asked me if i thought the movie was going to be sad. Sad like you cry and shit. I said probably, it isn’t a fucking comedy, that’s for sure. And i thought “people no longer cries at movies”. I was wrong. I had to bite my lip a few times, just like, don’t you go down that path, you sucker, you’ll be crying till you fall asleep. Man, i never cry at movies. This fucking karma is ruining me.

Fuck Bradley Cooper’s genetics and the Universe. I just wanted to be clear about that.

Santiago Roque.

Author: santiago roque

I can predict the future. If given the right topic. Often confusing, i am mostly me on emotional steroids.

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