A little humming.

I often go to the same place just to check whatever is new on the market, be it electronics, games, books, anything. I often go there and don’t shop at all, just walk around and check things out. But the other day i picked this book there and just sat in those corner sofas that they have and read a little bit. It was a sort of short-stories assembled by this author and it had a diversity of themes regarding life, love, friendship, etc. So i came across this one short story about a boy and a girl. It went something like this:

So boy and girl meet and, unbeknownst to each other, they are both fragile and a mess. The boy wears this mask that suits him so well that he goes on pretending that everything is fine. Girl keeps it to herself, she has her own little world and she seems pleased that people let her just be. Well, it turns out that boy sees through girl and he finds this necessity of trying to fix her like that also meant that he could fix himself along the way. Time goes by and, with much hardwork and perseverance from the boy, girl starts to be more outspoken and friendly, though still keeping everyone at bay. Eventually they become friends, in the sense that they can talk about things that they have or don’t have in common. It is as close as she allows. Boy is fine with it, he is busy with his own issues.

A few years go by and the friendship grows and they are able to connect on some deeper levels. They both know their limitations, what can or cannot be said. Or done. Girl is too afraid to develop new relationships and the boy tries to encourage, letting her know that the only way love will come to her is if she allows it to. It doesn’t mean anything to her as her mind is already made up and verdict is out: no space for love as she doesn’t allow anyone to come close enough. With the exception being the boy, his friendship. But the boy has his own heart filled by someone else. Someone that makes it all go away except the fluttering in the very same heart every time he sees the girl. Every time she looks at him over her nerdy glasses. But they both know that best thing that happened since their meeting might also become the worst thing. But the boy doesn’t care for it as much as he cares to maintain his friendship with girl. Girl knows how boy feels but she is still the same girl he met and somethings cannot be changed.

I have no idea how the story ends. I didn’t want to read anymore. It made everything a little bit too surreal for my taste so i left the book there, in a different section. I didn’t bother to put it back. I didn’t really care.

I forget the book’s name but it has something to do with a bird. In case anyone might be looking for it.

 Santiago Roque


Author: santiago roque

I can predict the future. If given the right topic. Often confusing, i am mostly me on emotional steroids.

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