Music Throwback: Smashing Pumpkins.


I’ve chosen to include in my panoply of words a kindness to an album that i didn’t fully appreciate before when it first came out but for the last years has become part of my collection of albums that i really enjoy. And this week this one came to mind. As i was driving to meet a friend in need (is a friend indeed, as Placebo would play ) “Beautiful” came on on my shuffle playlist. I found it ironic that, on this specific day, a sad day by all accounts, i would randomly hear this song. As sang by Billy:

Don’t let your life wrap up around you
Don’t forget to call, whenever

It just clicked with me. And as i continued to drive i put the album on. “Zero” took me all the way back to my teens. What a fucking good song! “Throw out your cares and fly, want to go for a ride?” Then “Bullet with butterfly wings”, that anthem of fake rage that me and my friends sang along on our nights out. Hella good times, man ! By the time “Cupid de Locke” came on, i had just parked but stayed inside listening to it.

And in the land of star crossed lovers
And barren hearted wanderers
Forever lost in forsaken missives and Satan’s pull
We seek the unseekable and we speak the unspeakable
Our hopes dead gathering dust to dust
In faith, in compassion, and in love

It crushed me a little bit. But then i put my hero cape on and went to meet my friend. My cocktail of idiotic eloquence made her feel a bit better plus i took some treats. She cried as soon as we hugged and i might have cried a bit as well. Out of joy. Because i was in need of a charger and she had brought one! Baby Jesus, that one saved me!

Santiago Roque



Author: santiago roque

I can predict the future. If given the right topic. Often confusing, i am mostly me on emotional steroids.

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